As a business owner I know how important it is to have a great product out there , one that not only looks good, but that is also of great quality and it is functional. As an artist, and a mom of five, I travel quite a bit and it is important to be able to quickly move from place to place without being held back at security lines at airports and other public places.

I have always had a hard time standing in security lines with my children because it can take a long time to get through it because they have to search through so many bags… When I used my “clear and sturdy” Safety Bag I was delighted to find out how much easier it was for security personnel to let me through. In one well known theme park the guard actually said these words: ” if everyone had one of those, our job would be so much easier”! I was also stopped several times by the general public who wanted to know where I had gotten my bag. I felt like a “rock star”, and it was also very useful when I was looking for my keys , or for something my children needed out of the bag and I didn’t have to take everything out to find that one thing on the bottom of the bag because I could simply turn the bag in different directions to view the items through its clear and sturdy all around panels. This product is perfect for me! It’s helpful , practical, functional and I hope, for safety reasons as well as convenience, it will become a requirement in many public venues, such as airports, stadiums and even schools. I highly recommend it.


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Safety Bags, Inc.